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  • BBC One – Angela Merkel’s poker face problem – Tracey Breaks the News

    23. Nov 2020 by

    How Merkel’s eye rolls betray her true feelings on allies German Chancellor Angela Merkel famously rolled her eyes at Putin during a G20 meeting. She’s since shown her reactions betray her true feelings for her allies, after doing the same with the Trumps and Boris Johnson. ————————————————————————————— Germany: Anti-Defamation League awards Merkel, Member of B´nai… Read more

  • Willing Slaves of the Covidian State?

    23. Nov 2020 by

    Rob SlaneThe BlogmireMon, 16 Nov 2020 21:13 UTC When I wrote back in March that Britain as we knew it was finished, I did so for three main reasons: Firstly, the mass quarantining of millions of healthy people for (almost) the first time in history, for a virus that is not remotely deadly to them (and yes this was… Read more

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