Jews Now Demand Reparations From Poland For Property Stolen By Jewish Communist Regime

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After soaking the German government for billions in “Holocaust” reparations, the Jews are now demanding reparations from the Polish government for not only property lost in WWII but also for property seized by the communist regime in Poland, which was dominated and largely controlled by Jews:

In Poland today, there is an issue that encompasses the ravages of the Nazi occupation during the Second World War, the scars of Communist rule, the current Europe-wide surge of nationalist populism, and the ghosts of the country’s Jewish community.

That issue, the restitution of Jewish property confiscated by the Communist regime in Poland after the war, has become a central pillar of public and political campaigns by far-right parties in Poland to gain relevance, popularity and electoral success.

This campaign has fueled antisemitic sentiment and dialogue in the country, and with presidential elections scheduled for next year the campaign’s malign affects on the country shows no sign of abating.

In the late 1940s and early 1950s the Communist authorities enacted a massive program of property confiscation across the country, which included large amounts of property which belonged to Poland’s pre-war Jewish population of some three million people, 90 percent of whom were murdered at the hands of the Nazis in the Holocaust.

Recent efforts to advance the cause of restitution for Jewish property confiscated in that era, including the passage of legislation in the US and comments by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, have heightened tensions over the issue.

Following the October parliamentary elections in Poland in which a coalition of far-right parties called the Confederation Liberty and Independence one 6.8 percent of the vote, legislation was proposed which would ban and even criminalize the restitution of or compensation for heirless property.

Heirless property is that which there is no longer a valid individual claimant, mostly due to the fact that the owners and their families were murdered.

This might be the most audacious and cynical money grab from the Jews to date.  They know full well that ethnic Jews dominated the murderous communist party in Poland, and they were the ones who confiscated not only jewish property but mostly property owned by ethnic Poles.

Of course, it’s ‘antisemitic’ to claim that the communists were largely jewish, but it’s a cold, hard and indisputable fact.  The Poles even coined a word for it: Zydokomuna (jewish communism).

Why should Jews be uniquely compensated because their co-ethnics stole property from their relatives under the jewish guise of communism?  The Polish economy would collapse today if the government were forced to repay all Polish citizens who had property stolen from them by the jewish communists.

We can fully expect the Jews to rationalize this hypocrisy by bringing up how millions of Jews were “murdered” in WWII and that somehow the communists added “insult to injury” or some such nonsense.

Of course, if you dare criticize this nauseating and rapacious greed, you must be an antisemite.

Anti-Communism is anti-Semitism.”
Jewish Voice (New York: National Council of Jewish Communists), July-August 1941


Jews moved to Warsaw Ghetto during WWII to avoid non-Jews & ‘nasty Poles’ – father of Polish PM

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Jews moved to Warsaw Ghetto during WWII to avoid non-Jews & ‘nasty Poles’ – father of Polish PM

© United States Holocaust Memorial Museum © Wikipedia

Follow RT onJews moved to the ghetto during WWII to avoid non-Jews, including “nasty Poles,” an ex-senator and father of the current Polish PM said. The claim comes amid the ongoing spat between Israel and Poland over Warsaw’s Holocaust bill.

“Do you know who chased the Jews away to the Warsaw Ghetto?” Kornel Morawiecki asked while speaking to Polish Kultura Liberalna magazine on Tuesday.

“The Germans, you think? No. The Jews themselves went because they were told that there would be an enclave, that they would not have to deal with those nasty Poles.”READ MORE‘Jewish perpetrators’ of Holocaust remark by Polish PM sparks outrage in Israel

The eyebrow-raising statement was made by the father of current Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who assumed office in December 2017. 

The ex-politician went further, touching upon another hot topic – the alleged complicity of Jews in the Nazi-led genocide against the Jewish population.

Polish authorities tried to distance themselves from the controversial remark by the prime minister’s father. According to Deputy Foreign Minister Bartosz Cichocki, Morawiecki’s comment “does not reflect the position of the government.” 

Relations between Poland and Israel started to sour after Warsaw passed controversial legislation in February outlawing use of the phrase “Polish death camp.” It also blamed Poles for complicity in Holocaust crimes during the World War II. The bill attracted harsh criticism from Israeli authorities and Jewish groups worldwide.

The spat reached new levels after Morawiecki Jr referred to “Jewish perpetrators” during the Nazi era. “There were Polish perpetrators, as there were Jewish perpetrators, as there were Russian perpetrators, as there were Ukrainian and German perpetrators,” the newly-appointed PM said, responding to an Israeli journalist.

READ MORE: Poland’s Holocaust-related law triggers backlash from Israel

The remark immediately drew fire from his Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu, who criticized Morawiecki’s “inability to understand history and a lack of sensitivity to the tragedy” of Israeli people. Jewish groups immediately responded that the Polish prime minister definitely ‘crossed line of common sense.’ 

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Jews Prod Mike Pompeo to Demand Holocaust Reparations Shakedown of Poland

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo raised the issue of Holocaust-era property restitution during his first official visit to Poland:

Poland is the only country in the European Union that has not passed comprehensive national legislation to return, or provide compensation for, private property confiscated by the Nazis or nationalized by the communist regime.

At a joint appearance Wednesday in Warsaw with the Polish minister of foreign affairs, Pompeo praised the U.S.-Poland relationship and the “indomitable Polish spirit.”

He also saluted Polish Jewish partisan Frank Blaichman, who immigrated to the United States after World War II and became a prosperous real estate developer in New York. Blaichman, who died in late December at 96, was “a testament to the resilience of the Polish people, Pompeo said.

As part of his remarks, Pompeo called on the Polish government to resolve outstanding restitution issues.

“We also appreciate the importance of resolving outstanding issues of the past, and I urge my Polish colleagues to move forward with comprehensive private property restitution legislation for those who lost property during the Holocaust era,” he said.

Gideon Taylor, chair of operations for the World Jewish Restitution Organization, said he welcomed Pompeo’s “expression of his commitment to securing justice for Holocaust survivors and their families. This is a powerful affirmation of the importance of this issue to the United States.”

This shakedown is all part of the recent diplomatic fight between Poland and Israel over Poland’s alleged “complicity” in an alleged “genocide” that may or may not have taken place during World War II.  The Jews keep insisting that the Poles were complicit so that they can then demand billions in reparations from the Poles, but the Poles know full well the game the Jews are playing, and they are having none of it.  And, no, the Poles are not going to listen to Pompeo’s pandering to jewish interests.

On the one hand Pompeo flatters the Poles and their “indomitable spirit” but then questions that same spirit when the Poles refuse to be dominated by international Jewry and their billion dollar extortion racket.  The Poles understand the machinations of the Jews far better than most other European nations because they have had much more experience in dealing with them firsthand. And it looks like the Poles may have won this round with the Jews, as they seem to be backing off on this issue, at least for now.

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