UK Coronavirus Lockdown was Useless, Claims New Study from Bristol University

Pomidor Quixote June 6, 2020

Facts and data have debunked coronavirus and the lockdown.

The Daily Mail has been relatively good throughout the hoax, despite the obvious fact that hyping up hysteria tends to be the bread and butter of British tabloids.

They’ve found yet another study disproving the idiotic claims of the government.

Daily Mail:

Britain’s coronavirus outbreak may have been under control before lockdown was enforced, according to a study that throws into question whether the draconian measures were ever needed.

Data modelling by a mathematician at Bristol University suggests the spread of Covid-19 throughout the UK had peaked days before Boris Johnson introduced the unprecedented curbs.

(Click here to read the full study.)

The calculation is based on a growing body of data that indicates the average Covid-19 victim dies 23 days after being infected.

The darkest days in the UK’s outbreak were on April 8 and 9, when more than 2,000 people passed away from the virus, official figures show.

Professor Simon Wood believes most of these patients were infected between March 18 and 19 – 23 days earlier – and five days before the country locked down.

He claims that banning large gatherings and telling people to keep two metres apart  would have been sufficient to keep the virus under control.

The study throws into question whether Britain’s lockdown was needed amid claims social distancing policies announced on March 16 curbed the crisis on their own.

It comes after similar research in Norway also found the spread of the virus fell fairly quickly there by the time people were ordered to stay at home.

Camille Stoltenberg, head of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH), even admitted last month that locking down was unnecessary.

Professor Wood said: ‘The most notable feature of the results is that fatal infections are inferred to be in substantial decline before lockdown.’

He said it was possible that social distancing ‘might have done the trick’ in bringing down Covid-19 cases and deaths without heavy-handed measures.

Professor Wood said if a second wave hits Britain then ministers should consider ‘ethical issues’ of locking down again and whether it would claim more life than it saves.

Writing in the study, which is published on the open access research site arXiv but not yet scrutinised by other scientists, said a second lockdown could be disastrous for the nation’s wellbeing.

Commenting on the findings, Professor Carl Heneghan – a leading expert at the University of Oxford and staunch critic of the lockdown – said Professor Wood’s analysis was in line with data from the Royal College of GPs (RCGP).

Professor Heneghan said RCGP figures show infection rates halved in the week beginning March 15 – at the time when social distancing was enforced.

We have yet to find an epidemiologist or virologist not getting paid by the government and with no ties to the WHO or Bill Gates who agrees with the government response to the virus. We’ve seen a renowned epidemiologist and successful doctors being censored in social media for stating their informed opinions, we’ve already seen studies claiming that the lockdown is useless, and we’ve even seen studies showing that infections actually decrease after lifting the lockdown.

We’ve also seen studies putting coronavirus at the same threat level as the flu.

But what studies is the government even seeing?

We do not know.

Considering the wide array of research and data exposing coronavirus as something only as dangerous as the flu and the lockdown as completely useless, shouldn’t the government officials show people the studies that they’re using to back their actions up?

Of course, they won’t do that, because they’re literally not using anything other than projections — and by projections, I mean graphs they pulled out of their asses — to back these insane house arrest and social distancing mandates up.

All of this is part of some kind of plan to radically change normal life, and to impose what they call “the New Normal.”

At least people can quote real studies to fight back against the brainwashing.


Chubby Chaser Hoax Mastermind Neil Ferguson Admits Lockdown Made No Difference

Martin Bieber June 4, 2020


Guess we destroyed our economies for nothing.

Too bad.

But at least we stayed on the safe side and did this insane lockdown thing that no one in history had ever thought of before.

Jason O’Toole writes for RT:

The British scientist known as Professor Lockdown has undermined the draconian policy he unleashed on the world by confessing that Britain hasn’t fared any better in tackling the disease than the laid-back Scandis.

Professor Neil Ferguson probably woke up this morning breathing a massive sigh of relief because he hadn’t been ripped to shreds again in the British newspapers for this second time in just under a month – this time over his startling admission that there has been no significant difference in the levels of Covid-19 suppression when comparing the UK and Sweden.

During his evidence to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee on Tuesday, he said: “They [Swedish scientists] came to a different policy conclusion based really on quite similar science. I don’t agree with it but scientifically they’re not far from scientists in any part of the world.”

He then acknowledged that the Swedish authorities had “got a long way to the same effect” without a full lockdown. 

In other words, in the type of roundabout waffling way you’d expect from a bumbling boffin, the scientist – dubbed ‘Professor Lockdown’ after he cajoled Boris Johnson into bringing the British economy to a screeching halt  – reckons Sweden has essentially coped very well without being forced into any draconian lockdown, thank you very much.

So where was the indignation about how his recommendations f**ked up the economy and made people prisoners in their own homes? It certainly wasn’t to be seen splashed across any British front pages. Indeed, it was hard enough to find much, if any, coverage of this very significant news story on Wednesday.

It was buried inside the Daily Telegraph on page seven, running across a third of a page or less, with a very accurate subheading stating in clear black and white: “Professor admits radical Scandinavian policy worked as well as British policy of shutting down.” 

The evidence from the two countries’ differing approaches has left the professor with little escape route. UK (full lockdown/businesses shut down): 579 Covid-19 deaths per million of population. Sweden (softer restrictions/businesses kept open): 442 deaths per million.

But why make such a startling confession now, when he could have wriggled away by saying it’s too early to assess the data as the disease is still running its course? The cynic in me wonders if Dr Ferguson’s matter-of-fact admission that a full lockdown probably didn’t make a blind bit of difference was fueled by ulterior motives. Seeing as his own reputation is already in tatters, was it a warped act of revenge against Boris Johnson for being forced to fall on his sword after being caught breaking lockdown with his married lover?

Or here’s one for conspiracy theorists: instead of wanting to throw BoJo under the bus, could it have been a case of wanting to hide something else that’s about to come down the track? With America now burning in the wake of the atrocious murder of George Floyd, the confession at this juncture reminds me somewhat of how a British government spin doctor sent out a memo only 30 minutes after the second plane hit the Twin Towers on 9/11 with the cynical recommendation that “it’s now a very good day to get out anything we want to bury.” 

He might’ve been dubbed “Dr Strangelove” after that embarrassing slip up – but now he just comes across as a nutty professor after his latest confession. These strong words might just come back to haunt BoJo when he next goes before the electorate. With a crippled economy thanks to the draconian measures, he’s going to find the next election will be all about his mishandling of Covid-19, and specifically, “the economy, stupid.”

For those of you who haven’t been following: Ferguson was the inventor of this lockdown. It was his idea, allegedly. No one had ever thought of this before.

It’s obvious now that he is just a hack that the powers that be sent out there to promote this insane idea, because they wanted to destroy the economy and take everyone’s freedoms.

It was always a hoax. Nothing about it was ever real.

The only possible reason they could have done this was to destroy the economy and take everyone’s rights away. There is no other possible reason. They had the data. As he says – Swedes had the same data.

We need to remember that this was done on purpose.


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