The Mob is Never Going to Know What is Actually Going On (Coney Barrett) – It Will Always be Manipulated and Directed

Andrew Anglin October 12, 2020

We know what the Democrats are planning to do: they want to abolish every right we have and basically install absolute communism. They want to change all of our personal lives.

As Nimrata Randhawa said: they want to inflict personal pain on us.

And they will. They already are. These riots, this virus hoax: this is what the Democrats want to do, times six million.

Conversely, President Donald Trump has not changed the personal lives of anyone in this country in any direct or tangible way, other than through the economy. The one thing that people can probably say about their personal lives under Trump is that they have more money. Or rather, they did, before the virus hoax.

Perhaps, they have seen fewer Indians at work, fewer refugees moving into their neighborhoods. But that is something difficult to calculate, as there is no base number of immigrants in any given community anymore.

But there is nothing tangible that he has done to negatively affect any of these people who are complaining about him. They claim that there are children in cages somewhere, but that doesn’t affect someone’s personal life. Even if it was real, it is a vague abstraction of some other, somewhere else.

This makes their absolute rage very confusing. It is actually unintelligible. The only thing you could say, as a matter of fact, is that they find his personality annoying and don’t like seeing him on TV. Everything else is totally abstract and unrelated to any of their personal lives.

You can’t analyze this “Trump Derangement Syndrome” without doing psychoanalysis, because the whole thing is psycho. They are projecting a spook onto Trump. They are emotionally and psychologically unhinged, they believe that Trump represents an inexplicable metaphysical evil.

Given their obsession with fascism and racism, it may be that they believe that Trump is planning to turn the world into the black and white world of Schindler’s List, where little boys are forced to hide in underground swimming pools of poop in order to not be killed by evil monsters.

(Note: That scene is based on a true story, by the way. Unfortunately, the boy survived in the very large toilet only to be found and masturbated to death by a masturbation machine. His eyes were then plucked out and added to Joseph Mengele’s Wall of Eyes. His skin was made into a child-sized lampshade. Thankfully, however, the other boy escaped a gas chamber by walking backwards, then dug a hole under the fence and escaped into the woods where he was raised by wolves.)

Or maybe, in their minds, when Trump is President, that is the world they are experiencing. Maybe their senses are being altered.

The entire thing speaks to how ideological and abstract the left is, compared to the right, which at least should be rooted in reality and the order of nature. (The “conservative ideology” stuff was added to the right in America by Jews, and I don’t personally believe that the average person would agree to it if they understood it.)

You can say that the left is Jewish, and you would be right. But what are Jews, metaphysically? Jews have the spiritual resonance of women. The left is female emotionalism, sadism, solipsism and incapacity to understand cause and effect transmuted into governmental and social policy.

We actually know as a matter of fact that men with less physical strength, i.e., men that are more feminine, are more likely to support socialist policies.

You probably already knew that by talking to guys at the gym. The only leftists you will meet at the gym are on steroids, or they’re just there for the treadmill.

The political demands of the left make as much sense as the Moon-driven screechings of some stupid bitch. All white men, the civilization of white men, become an emotionally manipulated and exploited lover.

Women will, like Jews, invade every space of White Men. Such is the case with Amy Coney Barrett – she is a woman, who primarily believes in leftist values, which would be considered communism a century ago, who has invaded right-wing, Christian politics.

And yet: the left is absolutely flipping out about her.

You already know they’re all flipping out about her. Nancy Pelosi, who is the physical manifestation of the spirit of American socialism, is saying that Trump should be impeached for nominating her. Chuck Schumer, who is the ego to Nancy’s id, has called her a monster.

But we need to personalize it.

Here’s a headline from The Guardian:

(You can read it, but I will tell you: like every op-ed at The Guardian, the article is just the headline and subheading stretched to 1,000 words.)

It is written by Lisa O’Neil, a dangerously overweight woman in her late forties with the physiognomy of a bulldog.

This is the bio from her personal website:

Lisa M. O’Neill is an essayist and journalist who writes about social justice issues, politics, and popular culture with an intersectional lens. A native New Orleanian and current desert dweller, she received her MFA in nonfiction writing from the University of Arizona, where she taught writing in the English Department for a decade. She teaches in-person and online community writing workshops and leads classes as a teaching artist in juvenile detention. She also works with writers as an editor and creativity usher, helping them discover their stories and and usher them onto the page. Her writing has appeared in publications such as Bitch Media, Bustle, Diagram, defunct, drunken boat, Edible Baja Arizona, Everyday Feminism, The Feminist Wire, GOOD, Good Housekeeping, Medium, Salon, Talk Poverty, Terrain. org, and The Washington Post.

She’s a rabid career woman, who believes in women’s power.

That is the defining character trait of Lisa M. O’Neill and it is the defining character trait of Amy Coney Barrett. They are women who believe they should be in the spaces of men. Coney Barrett is also a vicious anti-racist, who trafficked black children into the United States.

Two black children.

Coney Barrett is certainly much smarter than O’Neill, and would have been aware of the disaster that is stranger adoption. She would be aware that these black children are not “orphans,” but are purchased from their families and sold by adoption agencies at a profit. She was fine using these blacks as props for her own ends – in order to appear righteous under the modern moral order, defined by the Jews.

Coney Barrett’s older biological daughters are both fat and haggard looking.

The younger children are still lovely, but notice the posture of the little girl: she is unmitigatedly hunched, indicating she is was raised on cellphones and tablets.

How else would she be raised? He mother has her career to think about. An intense career. She also no doubt had to spend some of the time she wasn’t working dealing with the blacks she brought into her home, to leech the emotional resources of her own children.

She is very pretty, like her mother, and it angers me. In a few years, she will be fat like the other two, but with much worse posture. Amy Coney Barrett not only brought extra blacks into our collective home, she is turning her own daughters into weapons to be used against our nation.

This is the thing: there is simply no universe in which a woman does not sacrifice some measure of the wellbeing of her children if she chooses to have a career. It is very simple math. Every person on earth has limited supplies of time and energy. If a woman spends time and energy on a career, she has less time and energy for her children.

(The same concept applies to a mother who brings foreign children into her home, of course. That is a much more extreme thing. Very few women who are capable of having their own children will adopt strangers to steal their children’s resources.)

If I was at her hearing I would ask her: what has she done in her career as a lawyer, professor and judge that she found to be more important than the wellbeing of her children?

As stated, Coney Barrett is smarter than most leftist feminists. She is also much prettier, and she did have children of her own. She is also still married to her first husband. So conceivably, there is jealousy there from the likes of O’Neill. But all of those things save the attractiveness were true of their Jewish hag-goddess Ginsburg.

Yes, the Queen Bitch had a happy, conservative religious family, and stayed married.

Feminists attacking Coney Barrett are attacking their own. They might as well be arguing with a hand-puppet, so similar is she to them.

The sticking point is ostensibly the issue of abortion.

But how many abortions does a woman actually need?

Abortion is not going to be banned in Democrats states, even if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

Do these women fear that they will end up nine months pregnant in Mississippi and decide they need an immediate abortion, and not be able to do so because of Amy Coney Barrett?

I doubt that any single one of them would outline that fear, if asked.

There is no threat from this woman to anyone’s personal life, just as there is no threat from Trump. All of this is just some kind of deranged psychodrama for these people. They believe it is real, I’m sure. But it objectively isn’t.

That they would turn a fellow feminist into a demon in their cosmology proves that this is all a spook, that these people do not exist in reality at all, that they fear feeling feelings that are imprinted on them by the media, rather than any form of real life consequence.

They are all meat puppets, dancing to the music.

All of these women could just as easily be doing something completely different if completely different people controlled the government.

These fanatical anti-Trump people would have been fanatical pro-Hitler people in 1930s Germany. They are not sentient in the way that you are.

There are many of these people on the right as well – those who do not process information, and simply do whatever they are directed to do. But all that means is that we, the keepers of the flame – you and I, my dearest brothers in Christ – haven’t yet lost this game.

We need to understand this: the battle of this realm is a battle between you and me and the Jews. That is all there actually is. Our goal has to be to move our portion of the mob against their portion of the mob.

The fact that you are here means that you are special, you were chosen by God to be capable of understanding reality. In the Bible, these people are called “The Elect.”

Some of us were deceived, but we are now coming home.

Those of us who understand what is going on have been touched by the Holy Spirit, which animates us.

The mob is the mob.

And the devil is real.


ObamaGate’s endless saga: None dare call it obstruction

Mike Luongo
Gold, Goats ‘ N Guns
Sun, 11 Oct 2020 00:00 UTC 

Trump and Obama

MerkenBack during the early days of the Democratic primaries I told you that the real story behind the scenes was a three-sided civil war for control of the DNC.

Not quite an equilateral triangle, the two major factions were the Clintons and the Obamas with the Soros-backed squad pushing them both farther and farther left, through the fake Progressivism of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

And with the ascension of Joe Biden as the candidate, triumphing over the inept Hillary-backed challenge from Mini Mike Bloomberg, it was clear that the Obamas won the internal battle.

Hillary eventually bent the knee and endorsed Biden along with everyone else.

After her failure to beat Trump in 2016 it became clear that Obama was the choice by The Davos Crowd to deliver the U.S. into their hands weak, divided, literally on fire and close to irretrievably insane.

In the words of Bush the Lesser, “Mission Accomplished.”

But what’s been sticking in the back of my mind for months was Trump’s tweet from May:

That was the rallying cry from him to repurpose his base’s energy towards the real villain in the RussiaGate story, Obama.

And what’s really clear now with the latest set of releases — specifically Former CIA Director John Brennan’s handwritten notes on a CIA memo — that Obama directed his people to point all the fingers at Hillary for RussiaGate’s worst abuses while keeping Obama neatly above it all.

Brennan's memo1
Brennan's memo2

Just the amount of this document that has been redacted is itself an affront to the idea of government transparency and a free society.

These people work for us and their activities in this affair, at this stage, have no need to be redacted if they exonerate the President of any wrongdoing and implicate former President in any.

What this release indicates is that Obama clearly knew what was going on and gave his blessing to it. As Alex and Alex at The Duran put it so well in a recent video, Obama saw the opportunity to take out both Hillary and Trump.
This conclusion tracks with the speed at which Hillary switched from “I’m in this race” to “I’m here if you need me” to “I back Joe wholeheartedly” culminating in a desperate screed that had even Bill looking for the off ramp.

She’s desperate for a Biden win simply to keep herself out of jail as I’m sure that’s part of the deal she made with Obama in stepping aside as the leader of the DNC.

Remember, it never sat well with Obama that Hillary ran the DNC while he was president. Since, as President, he was supposed to be the leader of the party. But he clearly wasn’t and she treated him as little more than a placeholder for her eventual coronation.

Obama clearly outplayed Hillary and nearly got Trump ensnared in his game at the same time, using Hillary’s avarice against her. But Trump is too disagreeable for this to have worked.

Pat Buchanan noted at the beginning of Trump’s presidency that he would not stand aside like Richard Nixon did ‘for the good of the country.’ Trump, rightly, stood his ground against Obama ‘for the good of the country’ forcing Obama and his minions to grandstand and obfuscate the truth through a complicit quisling media hoping to avoid the consequences and regain control over the White House.

And for four years we have watched a systematic stonewall go up protecting Obama at every turn while grinding the efforts of the Trump administration to a halt.

How else do you explain the behavior of Judge Emmit Sullivan in the Michael Flynn case? Or the bombshell that CIA Director Gina Haspel is the one personally holding the line on connecting the dots of the FBI’s extracurricular activities in setting up Carter Page which formed the basis for the FISA warrants for surveillance of the Trump transition team?

All of this was done to run out the clock in the hopes of deposing Trump and sweeping all of this malfeasance under the rug.

They’ve nearly gotten away with it. We’re less than 30 days to the election and nothing of substance has happened even though it’s all there in the open for everyone to see.

The problem for Obama and all of his underlings is that Trump is going to cruise to re-election next month and it’s clear from the way the Democrats are acting they know this to be true.

Obama has been protected by the highest level of the global oligarchy, using the Coronapocalypse to accelerate their plans for The Great Reset.

The obstruction has come from all the predictable sources — members of Trump’s cabinet who have worked overtime to keep him looking weak howling about collusion while they’re the ones keeping the lid on the entire mess since many of them are implicated.

Moreover, the Swamp collapsed to protect its own, refusing to give Trump any real options for cabinet picks who would carry the ball forward and issue indictments.

We all wondered by clearly horrible people like Haspel, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo were put in place around him when there were dozens of better options available.

It was to ensure that only the illusion of an investigation, the illusion of policy change could take place while not actually getting anything of substance accomplished.

And now that it’s crunch time William Barr is showing his true colors, slow-walking the indictments that should be coming to the point where he’s covering his ass in case Trump loses next month.

This is why Pelosi and company are now preparing a 25th amendment committee to “help” the Cabinet and the Vice-President make the right decision about protecting the continuity of our systemically rotten government.

Translation: Even if Trump wins the pressure will be on them to remove him from office to finish the coup that began in the summer of 2016 even before the thought of Trump winning was taken seriously by all but the most politically savvy analysts.

Maybe this is all just an elaborate sting operation that Barr has in motion? Maybe. Wake me when that dream comes true at this point.

We all know the saying, when you go after the king you only get one shot. Well, they’ve gotten multiple chances to take down Trump and he’s still standing.

So, he’s clearly not king, Obama is. But time is short, recourse options thin and the end of this pathetic period of U.S. history rests fully on the length of Trump’s coattails in an election that is sure to be even more corrupt than the four years of maneuvering that preceded it.
Comment: The relentless attempts at getting Trump impeached, out-voted, deposed, couped, etc. – have literally forced him to push against all of Washington’s resistance to get some of the biggest names in American politics in prison. Ans so the plot thickens. Yet again.

But one question that has us holding our breath (a little bit) is: What will Barr do next?

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